Letter from our DSA President

Hello DSA members,

Deptford Soccer is a non-profit youth soccer organization built and run entirely by volunteers. The volunteers from the teams for stand duty and field duty is a big help and is greatly appreciated. The amount of help we receive for cleanup days and our tournaments is huge.

BUT, we also have a Deptford Soccer Board that helps keep the club running effectively and its continued growth.

Normally, people can only nominate someone at the September and October meeting, and the vote takes place at our November meeting.

This year, nominees will be taken through email and at our monthly general meetings up through and including our December meeting. The Vote will take place at our December meeting, Wednesday, December 12th.

These positions are crucial to fill and needed to continue to grow and maintain an effective club. To run a club of our size (800+ players, 19 travel teams, 19 EDP teams and our Recreational Program), we need a full board.

The board positions open for nominees are:
Registrar Trustee
Coaching Chair
Recreation Coordinator
Recreation Trustee
Boys Rep
Girls Rep
Grounds Manager
Site Coordinator
Concession Coordinator 1
Concession Coordinator 2
Fundraising/ Advertising and Sponsorships Coordinator
Social Media/Info Administrator
Challenger Program Coordinator
Web Administrator
Merchandising Coordinator

Our general meetings are the 4th Wednesday of every month except November (2nd Wednesday) and December (2nd Wednesday). The dates of our upcoming meetings are November 14th and December 12th. This information can also be found on our website under the DSA Board tab. The meetings are always at 8:00 at the Cattell Complex.

All DSA members are welcomed to the monthly meetings.

Rather than put the descriptions of each board position in this email, if you think you may be interested, but want more information, please send an email to president@deptfordsoccer.net with what you may be interested in, and I will send you the information. Or come to the next general meeting and we can go over the positions.

If you are interested or want to nominate someone for a position, please either email me, respond to this email or come to one of our meetings. But please do so by 12/12/18.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mike Bonanno

DSA President


Volunteers Needed!